Waste reduction

Project Description


Reduction of waste during the manufacture of coated snacks.

Our approach

After setting up a detailed test plan (DOE – Design of Experiments), our engineers, in collaboration with technologists and operators of the factory in question, carried out tests for a number of days. Initially the final composition changed because the ingredients that normally were removed as waste, now came into the end product. Ultimately, ingredient costs could be saved and waste reduced by adaptation of the recipe.

Reasons to engage Bodec for process optimisation/ waste reduction

Because of our thorough approach and cooperation with the customer, we can deliver fast progress. In addition, we approach the problem with a broader scope, which provides optimisations also for other components in the process.


Savings in ingredient costs, as well as waste reductions of more than 50%
Now, this improvement can also be implemented in other production lines. Moreover, our customer can continue with the recommendations we have made to increase line capacity.

Project Details

17 September 2014
process development, valorisation