Disclosure of valuable components

Project Description

Disclosure and mild extraction of valuable components from soy, malt, wheat, and tea


To investigate new techniques to selectively obtain different components from raw materials – preferably in their natural protective states – at different stages in the process.

Our approach

First, a technology scan was done, including a brainstorm during which the most interesting techniques were identified. Literature research provided background information on the state of the desired components, as well as on how they are located in the matrix of the product. We tested different techniques on their possibilities and analysed the components that could be won.

Reasons to engage Bodec for the disclosure and mild extraction of valuable components

Among other things, the experience, method of working, and out-of-the-box thinking of our engineers lead to new technologies to selectively extract different components from raw materials.


Depending on the component to be separated, for a number of raw materials indeed technologies were found to separate the desired component.

Project Details

17 September 2014
process development, valorisation