Sugar beet project

Project Description

What more can be obtained from sugar beet?


What more can be obtained from sugar beet, besides sugar? In the project, we focus on the properties of the sugar beet leaf, as the objective of this project is to use also the waste obtained in sugar production from sugar beet. After harvesting the beets, the leaves are left in the field, whereas they also contain a high-grade protein that may be useful.

Our approach

The parties working in this project are WUR, CSV COVAS, ProLeaf, Greenport Venlo IC, BIONND, Den Ouden Groenrecycling, and Bodec.

Why Bodec

Our added value lies mainly in the knowledge and experience of our engineers, as well as our pilot plant in which experiments can be done on the extraction of proteins and other components by means of various separation technologies.
This project, which started at the end of January 2013, will take 4 years.
Besides sugar beet leaves, also other green leaf wastes, like the leaves from peas and beans will be included in the project.

Project Details

17 September 2014
process development, valorisation

Project Skills

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