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Frank de Boeff

Development vegetable protein

From initial idea to market launch

If we want to feed all mouths in the future, we must change the way we eat: more vegetable, less animal. DSM develops products such as food ingredients, and was looking for a new vegetable protein variety that could be used in foodstuffs like sports drinks, meat replacements and yoghurts.

The challenge

The vegetable protein stems from a crop that until recently was mainly used as animal feed. Together with Bodec, DSM took on the challenge to develop a process whereby vegetable protein was cultivated and harvested, suitable for human consumption. Utilise more of the crop and produce less waste.

The approach

DSM had done all the preparatory work and the product was further developed in a Bodec pilot plant. This product development phase not only requires professionalism, but also creativity and flexibility. Bodec gives its clients all the space they need to do good research, to anticipate and if necessary, to change their approach. Of course we contribute our expertise by suggesting innovative solutions. This way, together, we achieved the best results.

The results

The vegetable protein that we developed is a promising and prize winning product that can be used for all kinds of foodstuffs. We are currently working on a gradual scaleup, and our ultimate goal is an industrial factory. The knowledge and experience that DSM gained by working together with Bodec will be essential for this project. This means that DSM can get its own factory off to a flying start, without teething problems and with a fully optimised production process.

Ontwikkeling plantaardig eiwit

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“The size of the installation for drying the protein safely was ideal for us. But most important of all was the flexible attitude and enthusiasm of the team. In short: Bodec offered exactly the right combination of quality, price, flexibility and enthusiasm. We are very happy with Bodec as our partner.”

Douwe Joustra, operations manager DSM

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