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Production facility

Outsource your production for optimal flexibility

When your sales grow and you need more production capacity, you can call on Bodec immediately. Ideal too if you want to introduce a new product and do not have the space or the resources for that yourself (yet). Using Bodec’s production facilities on a temporary or even permanent basis offers you maximum flexibility. Outsourcing has one other huge advantage: you benefit from our expertise and modern production equipment, without having to invest in your own machinery.

Modern facilities

Bodec offers all kinds of different facilities for making your products. For example, we have various dryers for the production of dairy powders, protein powders and starch products. Not only do we use well-known techniques like spray drying, but increasingly also new techniques, like the ATFD. The ATFD is a smaller, cheaper and more energy efficient installation for many applications and the production of useful powders. We would love to find out if this efficient method could be an interesting alternative for your products as well.

Furthermore, we have installations for micro & nano filtering and other facilities for separating your products. In short: Bodec offers all the processes you need to make a high quality end product. If Bodec does not offer a certain process, we will rely on our extensive network. Therefore, our installation can always be adapted to the process you require.

The latest process technologies

Modern production equipment only stays modern if it is constantly updated. Bodec is committed to innovation and the implementation of new process technologies. Recently a modern vacuum drum dryer and an advanced freezing installation were added to our facilities. We would like to keep you informed of these latest developments.

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